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Nathiña Bright Face Kit. Now in pouch bag.

Nathiña Bright Face Kit. Now in pouch bag.

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Nathiña Bright Face Kit 

Bright Face kojic soap

Bright Face bright face toner

Bright Face sunblock gel 10g

Bright Face whitening cream 210g


What to do:

If your skin starts to peel, do not leave the soap for 3 minutes anymore. Wash with water immediately. If you feel burning sensation during wash, you may use ice cube and pat it on areas on face. During application of toner, face a fan to lessen the pain. Remedy to hide the peel is to apply Crystal sunblock gel on peeling areas and it's no longer visible. DO NOT FORCE PEEL. 

We are NOT DERMATOLOGISTS!!! Please use the products at your own risk. The seller does not know the condition of your skin. We just guarantee the authenticity of the product we sell. Thank you.

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