NWorld Nlighten 02 GLOWIN MASK SERUM 2pcs

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2 Pcs NWorld Nlighten 02 GLOWIN MASK SERUM. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

Have you heard about “Serum Mask?” Or are you using one? 🤔

Introducing NLIGHTEN O2 GlowiN Serum Mask, the

Best Korean Serum Mask ever! 💖

Here’s Why you should try it too! :

1. It is BEST at Hydrating your skin 💦

- Serum Mask will help restore hydration. Unlike other face masks (clay,paste) that causes dryness in our skin.

2. It has an INSTANT GLOWING effect! ✨

- The Serum contains beneficial ingredients that gives instant glowing skin. 💁🏻‍♀️ So, Attending events pero feeling Haggard? Not anymore! Just a 20-minute serum mask session! Tapos na ang worries mo! 😉


- The Sheet used in this mask is Hypoallergenic made of Gauze tencel sheet, the gauze is 100% cotton flower and the tencel from eucalyptus.

- The Serum helps calm inflammation in the skin.

4. It Helps Lighten DARK SPOTS!

- Regular use of this Mask Helps lighten Dark spots and Pimple Marks.

5. It’s an ALL-IN-ONE Mask!

- Wala ng Mahabang explanation! Lahat ng kaylangan ng skin mo to be healthy and glowing andito na! Sobrang Lakas Makaganda at Makapogi!

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