SALE! Nathiña Blssoms Fleur Set. EXP JULY 2023

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BLOSSOMS FLEUR SET is safe for pregnant and lactating moms and ladies with sensitive skin. Time to pamper yourself - made with skin-safe ingredients that are perfect for expectant mothers and are mild for teens.

Blossom fleur set comes with:
Blossoms Fleur Foaming Facial Wash for mild cleansing.
Blossoms fleur Serum for an added layer of skin vitamins.
Blossoms fleur day & night cream for sun protection.
Blossoms sleeping mask for overnight repair.
Blossoms revitalizing Toner for a no-sting pore purifier.
Your most gentle skincare routine ever.
You will surely love its mild ingredients for blooming and radiantly beautiful skin.


We are NOT DERMATOLOGISTS!!! Please use the products at your own risk. The seller does not know the condition of your skin. We just gurantee the authenticity of the product we sell. Thank you.

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